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Welcome to East Valley Security, your trusted partner in safeguarding the Chandler, Arizona community. With our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, we offer tailored security solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our team, led by a retired certified police officer and former chief of police, brings unparalleled expertise to ensure the utmost safety and protection.

Whether you require residential security or robust commercial solutions, we work closely with Chandler residents and businesses to create a safe and secure environment.

Rest easy knowing that East Valley Security is dedicated to delivering peace of mind and safeguarding the dynamic community of Chandler, Arizona.


Armed Security Officers: Trained professionals equipped with firearms to provide a visible deterrent and respond to potential threats.

Mobile Patrol: Security personnel conducting regular patrols in designated areas to monitor for suspicious activity and ensure the safety of the premises.

Event Security: Security personnel specialized in managing crowd control, access points, and overall safety during concerts, conferences, festivals, and other public gatherings.

Loss Prevention: Experts who employ surveillance techniques and proactive measures to prevent theft, shoplifting, and other forms of loss in retail and commercial settings.

Security Consulting: East Valley Security providing comprehensive risk assessments, security planning, and recommending security measures tailored to specific needs in Chandler Arizona.

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